Site 2.0

Mon, Nov 23, 2015

After several years of neglecting my website I thought it was time for a reboot. While I don’t think I’m fully settled into the new site. I’m happy enough with it to go live with a new look and new platform. I have a few posts planned and hope to be more regular about writing posts. But life always has a way of interfering with plans like that so we’ll see.

The new site is using Hugo , a static site generator written in Go. And brought to you over https thanks to LetsEncrypt . I moved away from Drupal for several reasons but primarily because I wanted something that was simple, light weight, and required less maintenance. And I wasn’t really using many CMS features that a static site generator isn’t able to cope with.

The migration to Hugo was pretty painless. Compared to Drupal, Hugo’s learning curve is pretty easy. Not having a lot of pages or content to port over helped as well. But within a few evenings of chipping away at things with Hugo I was able to setup the content types, migrate my existing content, and figured out enough about templates and theming to have something that wasn’t terrible. I spent a few evenings trying out a bunch of the community themes and ended up basing my theme off a community theme called hugo-bootswatch.

Migration wasn’t without challenges. There were two 2 features that leveraged Drupal that I wanted to keep. Comments and tracking pageviews on my posts. Comments on my posts are my way to interact with my readers. I spent a few evenings looking at what options I had for comments. In the end I found that migrating the existing comments to Disqus was going to be the best route for now and it was painless. Tracking pageviews on my posts took a bit more effort as I ended up writing a microservice to do that. I plan on writing a separate post about that and will opensource it once I feel it’s solid.

Other wise my migration over to Hugo was pretty straight forward. Now the tough part begins and that’s keeping up on using my new website.

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